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 . . and quickly become entangled in a dynamic of lust and love which weaves their lives into one. Although the novel was first published as L'enlèvement in 1961, this is the English version of the original French text, which was published by Gallimard in 1960. It was at first serialized in Horizon in December 1961, and then published as a book in 1962. Plot summary The story begins in 1962, when a 26-year-old man named Charles Mallory, an assistant professor at the University of Paris, meets a 20-year-old woman named Eve Givran, a graduate student who works in history. She asks him to watch over her dog while she is away, and Mallory agrees. Eve and her dog are very close, and Mallory, finding it "good to have a dog that loves you", falls in love with her. Eve and Charles live together, and begin a loving relationship, in which Eve shows an interest in his work and attends his lectures. Charles is happy in the company of this intelligent and beautiful young woman, but keeps them secret from his parents, believing that they would disapprove of his involvement with a married woman. At the same time, Eve and Charles begin to have sex. They begin to have unprotected sex, because neither of them wants to use condoms, and they even have sex in different locations to avoid possible detection. Charles, who, at first, does not have problems with sex because he is not in a sexual relationship, gradually comes to accept his sexual urges. Eventually, the two begin to have intercourse three or four times a week. When Charles' doctor, who does not approve of his patient's lifestyle, has discovered the nature of the relationship, he arranges for Eve to be referred to the hospital for a psychiatric examination. Upon learning of the matter, Charles has a breakdown, thinking that he has been rejected by Eve, and telling her to abandon him, but she remains steadfast in her love. This only causes him to have a more difficult breakdown. He then goes to see a psychiatrist, who takes away his anti-depressant medication. Charles has to attend the psychiatrist's office for a second time, this time because of the breakdown he has experienced. The psychiatrist suggests that Eve go to see a psychiatrist of her own, telling Charles that this would be in the best interests of both of them. During the consultation, Eve's psychiatrist informs her




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HD Online Player (bad Biology 720p Download Torrent) rosyvan

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