Ways to cope with COVID-19 stress

Just when we thought Malaysia has the corona virus under control, the recent second wave has caught us all off guard! And every day, the world continues to report drastic increase in the number of COVID-19 new cases. Understandably, this causes panic. We see photos of ghost towns and empty supermarket shelves as a result.

But there are also those who seem to have gotten tired of waiting for the outbreak to be over. So they go about their lives like there’s nothing to worry about, and even take advantage of all the promotions and discounts offered due to the decrease of business in travels and even F&B (food & beverages).

There just have to be a balance. Go on with your daily life, but take precautions. Don’t be complacent thinking it won’t get to you, because it honestly can, especially now given the recent second wave.

It’s not just about taking care of yourself, but also protecting others. So if you are sick, don’t be selfish! Stay home or wear a mask - For the love of God, please cover your mouth when sneezing or coughing (because this doesn’t seem to be common sense for many. And teach your kids too!) - Throw away your used tissues in the bin, don’t leave it on the table - Sanitize and wash and wash your hands before touching things other can touch too - Endure that self-quarantine period if you are back from travelling or have been in contact with persons suspected of the virus.

Crisis like this can cause stress and anxiety. So here are some tips on what you can do to cope with the stress, even if you are not under quarantine.

1. Be in touch with friends and family. Having a chat with friends and family will take your mind of things (and boredom). This will also boost your mood.

2. While cooking and making your own meals is the best thing to do, of course you would still need food delivery and grocery deliveries. Just be mindful to wash your hands after handling transfer of package from the deliverer. Dispose packaging into the bin immediately.

3. Avoid reading updates or news from unreliable sources. Materials passed around social media and message groups are just out of control. Stick to national health websites such as the government’s or WHO’s. Even so, don’t check too frequently if it can make you anxious.

4. Avoid smoking and alcohol. You don’t want to be further overwhelmed by your emotions and become unstable.

5. Maintain a healthy lifestyle. Eat well, take your vitamins, do some exercises and get good rest and sleep.

And of course, don’t forget to maintain good skin health by sticking to your skincare routines!

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