Taking care of your skin when you’re on the move

Updated: Oct 22, 2019

#1 Keep yourself hydrated

That means both drinking plenty of WATER, and using MOISTURIZERS. This is especially when you are travelling on an airplane. It’s actually very dry in the cabin up there, so you definitely have to make that extra effort to stay hydrated. Dehydration can cause breakouts!

Hydrated cells are the key to a youthful and glowing skin!

#2 Sanitize your hand

Make sure you have a hand sanitizer with you, and always sanitize your hands, use wipes or at least wash them! We tend to touch our face/skin and even one single touch can transfer bacteria and dirt onto our skin, which can cause breakouts!

Have you seen these cute instant hand sanitizers you can just hang it on your bag? You can easily find it at your local pharmacies or supermarkets and it doesn't even take much space at all!

#3 SPF is your BFF

The sunscreen ultimately protects our skin. So, whatever happens, even if you forget your toner or moisturizer, don’t forget the sunscreen, and re-apply regularly. Because the sun is never not there! Except at night of course. 😝

#4 Less/minimal makeup

Best advice is to go makeup-free, but if that’s unlikely for you, then go as light as you can. This will help your skin to breathe. Changing weather and atmosphere can irritate your skin, so, better to play safe!

#5 Don’t skip your basic essential skincare routine

Use those travel sized containers so you can bring all those essentials yet still saving some space and weight! Cleanse, tone, moisturize! After all that exposure to the sun and dirt in the air after your day out, your skin deserves a good cleaning✨

So, enjoy your trip but don’t neglect your skin! And if you need help with deciding how and what to pack for your skincare, check our previous post here

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