Safely Make Your Own Hand Sanitizer

Washing your hands thoroughly with soap is the most recommended method of keeping yourself clean and sanitized from possible covid-19 infection. But of course, it’s just impossible to have a tap with flowing water and soap available or attached to us all the time.

So, the second best option is the antibacterial hand sanitizer when you’re out and about.

The problem is, hand sanitizers are literally wiped off the shelves even at the instant they’re restocked!

Because of that, there’s recommendation online now to DIY your own hand sanitizer, BUT there are also views saying NO to DIY sanitizers. The truth is, the ‘No’ is due to valid concerns.

#1. Inaccurate amount of ingredients can make the mix ineffective.

- Not enough alcohol content will NOT make your sanitizer effective! Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends 60-95% alcohol content to be able to kill microbes. You wouldn’t want to be going around believing you’re sanitized, when you’re actually NOT.

- Too little emollient (glycerin, aloe vera, distilled water) will cause excessively dry and raw hands.

#2. Unsafe handling of alcohol at home can be dangerous.

- 99% alcohol is highly flammable and combustible. You have to make sure you are a good distance away from open flames or even source of heat and sparks!

So, here are some guides for DIY hand sanitizer from our very own Puan Narqes herself, who is also a licensed pharmacist.

The rule is 2/3 alcohol, 1/3 aloe vera @ distilled water.

To make a 90ml hand sanitizer, use:

  • 30ml aloe vera gel @ distilled water.

  • 60ml alcohol - use only ethanol or isopropyl, and must be 99% alcohol.

Mix well. If you are bothered by the strong smell, you may use essential oil to mask the smell BUT ONLY if you know for sure that you’re not allergic to it (about 2 drops into this 90ml solution).

When you’re done, you can transfer it into your preferred container.

This will give 66% alcohol content in your DIY hand sanitizer which meets the requirement recommended by CDC! Yeay!

AGAIN, washing with water and soap is the most effective way to sanitize yourself. After all, excessive use of hand sanitizer can be very drying for your skin due to the high alcohol content. So, make sure you also use moisturizer for your hands!

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