Microneedling ; not as scary as it sounds

Microneedling treatment is literally what it says; a treatment involving plenty of micro needles. And I guess that’s why it is discouraging for first timers, especially those with fear of needles; like me. But I recently tried it and it was not as bad as I thought it would be!

BUT first; what is it, and why microneedling?

What is used is a dermapen (pen with microneedles attached at the tip) or a dermaroller (looks like a mini paint roller with micro needles on the roller). The therapist will run (or roll) it all over your face. The tiny micro needles are to prick the skin, for two purposes:

1. To stimulate the skin into a healing mode as well as to produce collagen, resulting plumper skin which renders to the treatment of scars, wrinkles and even pores (In fact, this treatment is also known as Collagen Induction Therapy! That explains it! . Think of our skin when scratched or wounded, they’re naturally patched up with a layer of new skin soon after.

2. The tiny holes left in the skin allow products used next (e.g serum, essence) to absorb deeper into the skin layers, compared to if without microneedling.

I personally came to hear of this treatment being mentioned popularly by friends earlier this year. But of course, it’s been around for a while and has actually evolved over the past few decades in the beauty industry. But only recently it became so widely practiced and popular.

So when my best friend casually mentioned that she just came back from a ‘microneedling session’, I was intrigued as she claimed she was happy with it. I decided to try myself, and of course, I booked a session with Skin Valet!

Now, I have only gone to one session, so I can’t see any result yet (although some are able to see results sooner than others). But the key takeaway from my first experience is that it was not as daunting as it sounds! My therapist was gentle and talked to me through the process. I told her I was scared of needles and she was attentive enough to continuously ask if I was in pain (which I wasn’t!). I anticipated sharp pain when it started, but it wasn’t as bad as I expected at all. It literally felt like you pricked your finger with a needle when sewing, only it’s more than once, and all over your face. But no bleeding at all! Not a single dot of it!

So if you’re interested and curious, or have wrinkles, fine lines, deep scarring or enlarged pores issues you want to treat, you might want to consider microneedling. But remember, let the professionals do it, as you want your skin to be treated, not irritated.So speak to the experts first, and as always, Skin Valet is always ready to help!

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