There's more to Fasting than just not eating

It’s that time of the year again, the special month of Ramadhan for the Muslims. We’ve heard it often enough that fasting is great for our health. But why is it, really?

Here are some of the reasons why:

1. Cellular waste removal

During the fasting period, our body go through a process of cellular waste removal. Our body cells include old cells which contain toxins. When we fast, our cells start to regenerate, which means our body produces new cells to replace the old ones. In a way, it is literally cleaning up your system, getting rid of bad toxins from our body. This leads to a number of beneficial results, such as stronger immune system, and some even claim to see improvements on their skin!

Anti-aging benefits and skin cell renewal
New, healthy skin cells starts to regenerate.

2. Delays vascular aging

Apparently, a recent research in 2018 has found that calorie restriction, i.e fasting, can trigger the liver to produce a certain particular molecule that delays vascular aging. The molecule being anti-aging helps to keep our blood vessels young!

3. Helps to improve gut health

Fasting gives our stomach a rest as the digestive system takes a break. The cells renewal process initiated when fasting also allows our intestine to self-cleanse and strengthen their lining, which leads to a healthier digestive system.

You are what you eat, and it shows inside out!

4. Better focus, better productivity

Our digestive system uses up a large amount of our daily energy. Therefore, when we fast, the unused energy is reserved for other things, such as brain focus and productivity. That is why for many, they claim that their productivity level is higher in the fasting month.

5. Weight loss

Fasting can help you to lose weight. We all hope for this. But for this to happen, you have to watch what you eat (and how much you eat) when you break your fast. This is because weight loss is essentially due to calories restriction. When we fast, our body will look up energy from stored fat, hence burning up stored fat. So if you are still eating excessively despite fasting, your body won’t get the chance to use up energy from stored fat.

Given the benefits, it’s no surprise that intermittent fasting is also becoming a popular trend among those after a healthier lifestyle. Regardless, have faith, stay healthy and motivated during this fasting month!


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