Makeup can be good for you

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

Some people are makeup enthusiasts, while some others disapprove makeup products, believing that it’s bad for the skin. BUT, what the latter may not know is that, makeup products today are not all bad. There are safer and kinder ones for your skin as compared what’s offered in the past years. You can easily find those with skin health benefits available in the market, thanks to advanced research and technology.

“Skincare hybrid” products are two(or more)-in-one beauty products.

For example, nowadays, you can get a product functioning as foundation, and ALSO as a moisturizer AND sunscreen for your face! That’s actually 3-in-1 there! Recent trends have also shown that people find multi-functioning products more appealing to purchase. This makes sense, as using one product instead of three efficiently saves time and space for you! 👏🏼

Some products available today claim to be able to deliver effective skincare benefits over time with regular use. What you need to do is identify specifically what does your personal skin need. Because by knowing what you need or want, it can help you when scouting and shopping for products.

Easy example;

You need extra help for your dry skin but also want to wear a foundation? Find one with hyaluronic acid as it is currently one of the most popular ingredient promising a boost of hydration to all skins it touches!

You want to use foundation but worry about acne and breakouts? Look for those with salicylic acid as that will help combat and treat acne. There are also plenty of other products infused with collagen boosting and anti-aging properties.

Spend some time browsing through products online, or at the shops to find what may suit you before purchasing ------ browsing through products in the shops is my favourite past time! I especially enjoy talking to the beauty advisors at those brand counters. They’d be happy to help you, answer your questions, and even offer you samples! So be nice and friendly.Of course, as with all skincare products, it may work for some, but not to others. So don’t get your hopes up too high, but enjoy looking pretty!

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