Let's carry on the good habits after Ramadan!

Ramadan has this special way of encouraging and motivating us to do good consistently, every day during the month. We want to do extra good because we believe the reward is multiplied during this special blessed month. That’s why Ramadan is also the perfect month to start forming habits you would want to keep thereafter. Well, we’re almost through Ramadan, so hopefully some of the practices below have started to become a habit!

1. Drinking plenty of water.

Remember our suggestion about how to manage drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day when fasting? If you practice that every single day, by the end of the month, it will naturally become a habit for you. And once fasting month is over, you can definitely manage downing the 8 glasses as you will also have daytime to drink, as opposed to having only night time to drink in Ramadan.

2. Sharing.

It has always been the culture and practice to share food with family and friends in Ramadan. We see people exchanging food with family, friends and neighbours, and making the effort to gather and dinner together. It just shows that if we can make it happen in Ramadan, we can certainly make it happen at any other month too. Continue sharing and making time for the ones we care about.

3. Mindful of food waste.

During the fasting month, we are always reminded to think about those less fortunate than us. We are encouraged to be grateful for the food we have, and avoid food waste. We can do this by planning our meals and not buying more than we need. Hopefully being mindful of food waste will stay with us even until after Ramadan.

4. Donating and giving charity.

Everyone race to donate and give charity during Ramadan. Which is good, but it is also better to be consistent throughout the year, however little you have to give. After all, there are always people in need throughout the year, and not just in Ramadan.

By Aisha r.a : Rasulullah s.a.w said, The most beloved deed to Allah is the most regular and constant even if it were little."

So, let's continue to be the best version of ourselves, even beyond Ramadan!

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