Keeping up with K-Beauty (10-step-routine)

It’s already just a few weeks away from a brand new year; the most awaited 2020! And come December, we’ll start hearing the radio playing Top 100 songs of the year. Maybe it’s time we recap on some of the biggest trend in the beauty industry for this year?

I think without a doubt, the biggest influence in Malaysia this year has got to be the K-Pop phenomenon. Their music, dramas, food, and even beauty trends have made a huge impact internationally.

What is definitely noticeable in the market this year is the abundance and floodgate of products with ‘Made in Korea’ on their label. Not only are Korean products filling up the market internationally; even international companies want to have ‘Made in Korea’ or anything Korean related on their labels, by getting their products actually made in Korean labs, using Korean technology which are advanced and of high standards. It even seems as if having ‘Made in Korea’ on a skincare label shows credibility for a product! Honestly, I personally get that impression these days when browsing through products in store

But I want to highlight the signature Korean “10-step-skincare-routine” that made headlines throughout the year. When I first learnt about it, I admit I was influenced and persuaded by the hope of a glowing clear skin, and hey, I wasn’t even that committed on the basic 3-step-skincare-routine. That has to say something! So, this is what I have gathered from my own, and many other’s experience trying out the famous Korean skincare regime :

1. You need money.

I mean, 10 steps mean 10 products, as obvious as that. So yes, you would definitely be spending money on skincare products no doubt. And yes, I know that the 10-steps is not a twice-a-day- everyday, but still, in total, that’s 10 aplenty. Let’s not even start on the process of trying to figure out which products to buy and try (but the shopping and high hope was exciting! And honestly, it is not limited to 10, because if your skin has several issues, then you would be needing several treatment products!

2. You need patience and determination.

The thing about this routine is that it is a preventive measure. The objective is ultimately to maintain and prevent skin problems as we age. So, the result can actually take time. Hence the need for patience. And the determination? That's to keep you committed enough to follow through this practice. Phew!

3. You need time and discipline.

10 steps definitely mean more time than the basic 3-steps routine. I mean, not everyone has the luxury of time, especially so early in the morning and so late at the end of the day. Discipline is also essential as you need to be consistent in following through the steps daily. I personally struggled with this (Don’t ask how long I lasted!)

So I guess, it's a matter of how willing you are to invest your time and money with hope for a better skin. But honestly, I think by 2020 people will be opting out of this lengthy skincare routine. You know why? Because there are plenty of multi-purpose products now available, and that’s definitely more appealing and practical.

But do bear in mind, with new products and routines, it is trial and error. So it is actually best to speak to experts before starting on something new. FYI, our Medispa outlets always welcomes you should you want advice!

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