Is serum really that important?

Actually, yes! Especially if your skin have problem/s and have started showing premature aging signs. Sigh*

Some asks, is serum a type of moisturizer? Nope. Although it looks like one, a serum’s function and effectiveness is more specific. Yes, serum moisturizes the skin, but, its main function is to treat a specific skin problem. Serum’s texture is light (like gel or water) and contains micro tiny molecules that are able to absorb and penetrate into our deepest skin layer. This is the reason why serum is very effective in helping treat our skin. Where serum is to function deep in our skin, moisturizers only protect the skin and acts as a barrier preventing loss of skin moisture. Serum is also more potent as it contains active ingredients.

But there’s so many type of serums in the market! How to choose??

Each serum differs according to their functions and the kind of active ingredients it has. Serum’s function is to treat specific skin concerns therefore, choose according to your skin problems. The fact that it contains high concentration of active ingredients AND tailored to suit a specific need, that’s why it can be quite expensive (because I’m sure we all question their pricing).

Well, Narqes Skintelligent also have a range of serums of our own!


(Intensive Renewal Serum)

Promotes regeneration of skin and help to repair damaged skin. Improves skin microcirculation resulting in smooth, bright and healthy skin.


(Intensive Lifting Serum)

A remarkable anti-aging serum that reduces the appearance of wrinkles, lines and sagging within minutes. Erase a few years from your face and restore that youthful and firmer looking skin.


(Pigmentation Lightening Cream)

Brighten uneven pigmentation on skin

caused by aging and UV damages, helps prevent new dark spots from forming and protects the skin from further damage.


(Intensive Brightening Serum)

Act as a collagen booster and an antioxidant to help brighten age spot, lighten appearance of hyperpigmentation as well as restoring

a youthful radiance and glow.

Come by to any of our nearest outlet to you and have your skin analysed. We have a doctor available in all our outlets to help advise the suitable serum for your skin! If you’re confident to decide for yourself, you can shop online on our website instantly!

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