Hello Pink October

Over the years globally, October has become the official month for breast cancer awareness campaign. Pink ribbon has also become the official trademark to represent the campaign. You could never miss it as you will notice plenty of businesses and retailers will be offering discounts, promotions and encouraging donations for the cause, all in the name of Pink October.

Despite being dreaded by women, breast cancer (BC) is very common to hear these days. Each one of us is bound to know someone who has it, or at least is affected by it. What Pink October is trying to achieve is to create awareness and educate the society about all things related to BC. We tend to not be bothered about an illness until we are personally affected by it. So by being educated about it, not only we are learning for ourselves, for our family and friends, but we can at least have more empathy towards the people who are going through it.

1 in 8 women (who lives up to 70 years) develop breast cancer in her lifetime

Why support the campaign?

- Know that whatever donation and contribution we make will help with research funding to finding the cure, better medication and treatments for breast cancer patients.

- Donations and contributions will also help organizations that focus on providing support to the patients as well as their family, during the treatments as well as for palliative cares.

- There’s a lot to learn about the cancer. What to know about it?

  1. · Learn about the signs and symptoms to watch out for. One of the main objective of the campaign is to encourage women to go for BC screening. The earlier the detection, the better chances for cure and treatments. Taking the first step is always the hardest. And also, the cost, we understand. So if there’s free screening offers, go for it!

  2. · We need to educate ourselves and the society on the sorts of help and guidance available should this happen to us, or our family and friends.

  3. · While we can’t prevent it entirely, knowing what we can do to reduce the risk is just as important. What can be done? I know what I’ll say are things we ALL already know, but here goes my PSA

o If you drink alcohol or smoke, you really need to cut down on your intake per day. The more you consume, the higher your risk for BC, or any cancer for that matter.

o We have to be physically more active. We want to avoid the word exercise, so we say be active!

o Watch what you eat. Diets with higher intake of fruits, vegetables, fish, poultry and low-fat dairy are believed to help in reducing the risk of BC.

o Also watch your weight. Weight gain and age post menopause have been linked to factors of BC.

Did you know that men can also be diagnosed with breast cancer? I never knew until I recently watched one TV drama series where the male character was diagnosed with breast cancer. So kudos to the show for creating the awareness.

Let’s be well, be educated and be healthy guys!

Well, good news guys! Nothing is better than a promotion when it's for a good cause.


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