Guide to getting your skin Ramadan-Ready!

Everyone’s main concern when it comes to their skin during the fasting month is mainly dehydration. Symptoms affecting people with dehydrated skin include dry patches and breakouts. So what do we do to help our skin?

1. Drink lots of water!

I know, I know. I know we all know this, but just saying for a starter. Next!

2. Moisturize extra!

We know that our skin is potentially deprived of the sufficient moisture it might need during the fasting month. So the way to go is to opt for moisturizer that has higher content in water. Usually these are the ones with a lighter consistency. You can also opt for a face mist. That might be more convenient too. Just spritz your face anytime anywhere!

“re-moisturize every time after you take your wudhu”

3. Stock up on Protein!

Boost your skin’s health (as well as nails and hair too!) by choosing more protein for your plate! Fish, meat, fruits, vegetables; so many options available for your meals and snacks. Go for roasted almonds for your snacking! Whatever healing your skin needs, protein will help!

4. Use sunscreen.

Using sunscreen locks in the moisture your skin has. Your skin will thank you for taking that extra step, since it is likely to be less hydrated than usual. Plus, it will protect the skin from damaging UV rays.

5. Don’t forget your body!

Don’t forget about your body. Your face is not the only skin area that needs the extra TLC and hydration. So choose body butter, lotion or body oil; whichever works for you, use it. Again, your skin will thank you. If you see dry patches, that’s your body hinting for help!

6. Go for facials!

Most of us tend to spend our free time café hopping and having meals with friends and family. So since it’s the fasting month and you can’t do the usual meet ups at cafes during daytime, why don’t you go for a facial treatment to fill up your free time! Say, maybe at Skin Valet or Narqes Medispa nearest to you? Maybe bring along a friend or two. Check the branch’s Facebook page or Instagram for the latest offer available.

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