FAQ : Moisturizer and serum, would i need both?

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

Moisturizers and serums are often questioned whether one is more important than the other. The truth is that they are both important because they both have their own purposes to serve. But is one more essential than the other? After much digging and reading, it is not wrong to say that moisturizer is definitely a more essential product compared to a serum.

Moisturizer is needed every day to maintain skin hydration. In fact, it is basic skin need and as important as a cleanser. Every time you wash your face (or skin in general), you lose skin moisture and natural skin oil. Putting moisturizer on your skin every time after cleansing will then help to replenish skin moisture fast.

Moisturizer functions to lock in moisture from the outer layer. It creates a skin barrier to prevent water and skin moisture loss by slowing down evaporation from your skin throughout the day. Using moisturizer also ensures that the goodness of all products used such as essence and serum stay inside the skin.

While serum’s wow factor is because it works deep within the deeper skin layer, it is only required and important for those with specific skin needs. It functions to address specific particular skin issues such as pigmentation, acne or aging. And although serum offers boost of hydration for the skin, you would still need moisturizer to lock the serum in your skin.

So in a way, moisturizer is essential, while serum is extra and considered as treatment product. In fact, some moisturizers these days do double duty where they are serum infused such as having anti-aging ingredients in them.

Moisturizer is essential, while serum is extra and considered as treatment product.

So, I guess it’s all down to what your skin needs. And if you use both serum and moisturizer, make sure you put on the serum first before the moisturizer, and not the other way round. Otherwise, the serum’s ingredients won’t be able to be absorbed into your skin because remember, moisturizer creates a barrier for the skin!

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