Does the sun really age your skin?

Updated: Oct 22, 2019

Yes, we are still talking about the impact of sun on our skin! Now, dermatologists believe that lifelong sun exposure is the main cause of premature skin aging. And what’s the issue with premature aging signs? That it is premature, happening earlier than it should! .

Premature aging signs are aging signs that happens earlier than it should.

So, what are some of the premature aging skin signs?

· Wrinkles, deep fine lines

· Brown spots, sun spots

· Sagging, thinning of lips, sunken face

· Dry dull skin, discolouration, h

· Heavily veined hands, broken blood vessels.

Now, all these signs of aging are inevitable, especially the wrinkles and sagging skin. We know it. But understanding the causes can help us to identify the solutions to prevent and delay the aging process, at the very least.

Here are some of the causes for premature skin aging

i. Sun

ii. Age, stress

iii. Moisture

iv. Diet (alcohol, smoking, lack of nutrition)

v. Extreme climates, environment pollutants

So how does the sun exposure cause it all? As we know, the sun emits harmful UV rays which can penetrate our skin. The UV rays can damage our DNA and also break down the collagen in our skin, affecting our skin’s elasticity. This makes the skin to become weaker over time, hence the sagging and wrinkling.

“Nothing looks better in your 50’s than your sunscreen in your 20’s"

There really is truth in the saying “Nothing looks better in your 50’s than your sunscreen in your 20’s”. Because the earlier you start using sunscreen, the longer you can buy time to delay the process of your skin aging! And if you haven’t started using sunscreen, it’s not too late to start now. By starting the process of protecting your skin from the sun , it can also give your skin a chance to repair some of the damage. So, start now, whatever your age is! See our previous post here for info on how to choose a sunscreen suitable for your skin.

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