Covid-19 : It Is Not Just About You

The Movement Restriction Order is out and official for Malaysia. While it may seem all scary and daunting for us, many others are unfazed by the order. Not taking the order seriously shows that people don’t seem to grasp the seriousness of the situation in our country. This is something we have to collectively do as a nation. We are responsible as a nation to do our part to prevent further spreading of the COVID-19 virus in our beloved country.

Earlier in the month, it seems less likely for Malaysia to be as affected as China. But we now have Italy to learn from. We could be the next Italy if we are not careful. We don’t want people panic buying, but we want people to have a sense of fear, understanding the graveness of this pandemic which is now happening in our country. The government can try to do plenty, but their effort will fail IF we don’t do our part.

While some of us are young and healthy, there are many others who are not. You might be infected but because you show no symptoms, you are not tested and might never know you even had it. BUT you would still be a carrier. By being a carrier, you could unknowingly transmit and infect another person. That’s contributing to spread the virus, right? And if that person already has health problems? This could hurt them. So, you see, it is not just about you.


1. Follow the Movement Restriction Order. Say NO to gathering invitations, even with family please. Literally stay put with your normal household only.

2. If you do have to go out, observe the social distancing rule. Don’t let people get too close to you.

3. If you are passing something to and from someone else, sanitize your hands before and after.

4. When you come home from a trip outside, shower! Head to toe! Change your clothes, put them straight in the laundry basket. Because the virus can also stick on your hair and clothes.

Only 14 days, guys. We don’t want it to have to be extended. The better we adhere to this MRO, hopefully the sooner we will be free from COVID-19 pandemic and can go back to our normal life. We don’t want to not be able to celebrate Ramadhan and Raya like usual, do we? This all depends on US! We can do this!

#StayAtHome #DudukRumah

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