Caring for your skin after using makeup

One common advice I hear from all those with pretty skin, is to ALWAYS make sure to cleanse your skin before you sleep, especially if you used makeup products that day. In fact, I have friends who emphasized that no matter how sleepy you are, remove your makeup before you sleep. That’s the priority!

Most people think, that if you don’t wear makeup on your face, you don’t need to bother to wash your face before you sleep. But the truth is, even if you don’t wear makeup at all, you STILL need to wash your face with a cleanser before you go to bed. Because, even if you don’t use makeup, your skin was still exposed to dirt and bacteria, by air at the least, all day long. And BTW, if you used moisturizer and/or just a sunscreen, you would still need to remove the residue from your skin!

IN FACT, when you wake up from sleep, you should wash your face. But why? All you’ve been doing was sleep in your bed, inside your house, not exposed to outside air nor did you put on any makeup products on your face! Truth is, when you sleep, your skin is still exposed to dust, and dead skin cells (shed from your skin due to the friction against your pillow!).

SO! What needs to be done at the end of the day?

1. Makeup remover – VERY important especially if you used a primer, foundations, etc. A facial cleanser alone is not enough to remove the products from your pores, to prevent clogged pores and acne issues. Makeup removers have specific ingredients required for an effective removal of makeup products from your skin.

2. Facial cleanser – This is an additional step, to ensure that your face has been cleansed well after you wiped off your makeup. Some makeup removers serve multiple purposes (work as a cleanser, moisturize and also as a toner), and doesn’t even require you to rinse after use. If you’ve used that kind of product, then you can skip the facial cleanser.

Try to make this a habit, and it won’t be troublesome for you. After all, we wouldn’t go to bed with soiled and dirty clothes, would we? So why go to bed with a dirty skin?

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