Are you over-cleansing your face?

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

For some people, it has become a habit to constantly want to wash and cleanse their face. Not only washing with just water, but with a facial cleanser up to 3-4 times a day or more; especially in the hot humid weather. Understandably, often the weather does make one’s skin feel sweaty and dirty. Hence the urge to wash, wash and wash!

It doesn’t cross our (read: mine) mind that washing our face too many times can dry up our skin. Even with just water! I mean, water = moisture, right? But nope, not always! Not if too many times. You see, each wash strips off our natural skin oil and moisture, even if with just the good old plain water. This will then lead to a dry skin.

Why we don’t want dry skin? Because of all the problematic consequences it can lead to.

Dry skin --> peeling skin, excessive dead dry skin.

Excessive dead dry skin --> clogged pores.

Clogged pores --> acne!

See what I mean? Not only that, it will also affect our skin’s production of its natural oil (sebum).

Dry skin--> brain thinks skin is dry due to lack of sebum --> brain thinks skin needs more sebum --> body produces extra sebum --> oily skin --> clogged pores --> acne!

It is worse for those with eczema or sensitive skin. Dry skin will further trigger and worsen the eczema. The skin can get very irritated, goes extremely dry that it can crack and bleed! (I feel for all you with eczema).

Cleanser products also contain chemicals or active ingredients that may not be good for our skin if used too many times a day (I wouldn’t say overdose, but maybe the concept is the same?). In fact, if you notice, instruction on a cleanser’s label often states “use in morning, and in evening”. So, that’s our hint there.

BUT, of course, after a long day at work, or a sweaty workout, or simply being outside, we are exposed to polluted air and dirty sweat. Of course you should wash your face then, even with a cleanser. Because, when you sweat, your body and skin expels toxin. And if you are exposed to polluted air, naturally the dirt in the air sticks onto your skin’s surface. In that case, of course it is good to make sure that our skin is extra clean.

What is most important after washing or cleansing our face is to ensure that we help keep it moisturized. So, every time after you wash your face, use your moisturizer!

Tip: if you must clean your face during the day, consider using micellar water! It can be a substitute as your daytime cleanse. So then, technically you will be using your facial cleanser just twice a day!

Either way, remember, use a moisturizer after you wash your face. Keeping the skin moisturized is important to prevent and avoid dry skin!

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